People of the Masai Tribe

Tanzania was more beautiful than I could have  imagined. While there, I visited the Masai Tribe. Interacting with kids in the one room school house was the best part of the day. They were thrilled to see us as we handed out coloring books, crayons and pencils.  They sang songs and were fascinated by our clothes and cameras; some of the children were not thrilled having their photos taken, hiding their faces, but when I showed them the images, they were amazed and it made them smile. One girl tugged on my shirt and said, “Can you stay?” I teared up and regretfully said, “No, but I hope to visit again.” The adults were selling goods and performing tribal dances while I learned about the Masai culture. They use motorcycle tread for shoes, live in mud huts, hunt for food and they all take care of each other. These beautiful people touched my soul and I will never forget that wonderful day.

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