For me, nature photography is a combination of patience and luck. Just imagine, being on a Safari in Tanzania, and viewing cheetahs hunting lions and their cubs for food and realizing what is takes for them just to survive, or just watching a zebra crossing a river with a full reflection in the water. I’ve been known to wait for an hour or more for the perfect shot, that’s why most of the time I’m shooting by myself or with someone who knows to go ahead, and when they return, I’ll probably still be there.

The reward of capturing a great moment in time is so gratifying to me; when you know a once-in-a-lifetime image can not be duplicated; knowing that no one else has that shot is special. It’s all about the right time, the right place and plenty of patience… 

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  1. Thaddeus TenKley says:

    Hey just wondering were to took the photos of the mountain lion? It’s a really amazing photo!! Love it!


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